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Sarah Seaberg- Artist

The Michigan Smiles Project 2023 ArtPrize Entry

I created The Smiles Project as a way to cope with my own Mental Health issues, anxiety and depression, which I've battled most of my life. Instead of giving into the darkness of Feb. in Michigan, I set out to capture the smiles of 100 women and girls to spread happiness and create our own sunshine. The project brought so much joy both to myself and the women that I extended it to capture 200 smiles instead! I then took all of those incredible smiles and combined them to showcase three things: Celebrating the beauty of women and girls, Spreading the contagious joy of a smile and Showing the Beauty of Pure Michigan. 

Come and see the final project Sept. 14-Oct. 1 at Webster's Market 161 Ottawa Ave SW Grand Rapids MI 49503!

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