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Boudoir Sessions

Ready to celebrate all that makes you unique and amazing? Boudoir sessions are about so much more than "taking sexy photos", it's a moment of empowerment for every woman. It's about taking off your self-doubt, self-conscious, hyper-focused on your flaws goggles and seeing yourself as you really are! That person is stunning, gorgeous, confident, playful, uniquely perfect and empowered. Trust us to guide you through a fun, refreshingly comfortable session, we will pose you in the most flattering ways, adjust lighting and shoot from the best angles to leave you feeling amazing when you see the images! There will be tears, there will be laughs and there will be WINE!!


KB Boudoir Session

RC Session

My Session 1 week before my first  Mastectomy 

I am currently fighting Breast Cancer that was discovered in Oct. 2023. As soon as I was diagnosed, I made a list of things I wanted to do before my treatments and surgeries started, doing a boudoir session was one of the top ones. I wanted to capture and remember my body as it was for 44 years of my life, celebrate it just as it was, flaws and all and then be able to say goodbye to my body, bringing me closure before losing both of my breasts to mastectomies. I am SO thankful that I did the sessions, my surgery was early November and had I waited, I would have missed the opportunity! Don't wait, don't wait even if you're not battling cancer, don't wait to lose weight, don't wait to be more fit, don't wait until you're more tan, come in for a session and love yourself just as you are. Trust me to only capture you from flattering angles and make you look amazing, let me show you how the world sees you, as your beautiful self!! 

Halloween Session